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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Teslin Lake update - Sept 15, 2015 - Blackburnian Warbler!

Blackburnian Warbler - the first record for the Yukon
Today it happened, the bird we've always waited for, Ted's favorite bird, a Blackburnian Warbler found our nets on the 11:45am net check!! Hélène was the lucky one to extract it from a net and yours truly was given the honors to put a band on it. It was determined to be a young male, age confirmed by incomplete skull ossification.

This is the first record for the Yukon! It's range extends to the Peace country of BC where it is quite rare a bird around Fort St John - Chetwynd - Dawson Creek as far as I know. That is about 1000km southeast from Teslin. The core range is from Alberta/Saskatchewan east. You can learn more about Blackburnian Warbler from

Here our star alongside Ted's tattoo of an adult male of the same species, his favorite bird!
For the full suite of photos of our bird please visit

As you all may know, one has to be careful what one wishes for and likewise be very careful what one promises. It so happened that I went and promised early season that if we were to catch a Blackburnian Warbler I'd jump into the lake - and so I had to. Luckily Ted and Hélène were brave and kind enough to join me.

Ted (L), Jukka (M) & Hélène (R) in the really really ridiculously cold Teslin Lake! Photo actually by Francis Bordeleau-Martin.

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  1. Awesome stuff guys! I can assure you that Blackburnies are pretty dang rare in the Peace River area of BC (and Fort Nelson). I'm sure males overshoot each spring but after close to 10 birding visits to that corner of BC I've still yet to catch up with one!