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Monday, May 14, 2012

Update from Albert Creek - Weeks #2 and 3 (April 29 to May 12)

The 2nd and 3rd weeks of spring migration monitoring at Albert Creek Bird Observatory were very busy and cold!  On many days temperatures were too cold to start at official time and during week 3 winds were also a problem. We were completely weathered out on May 4th due to rain. 

The sparrows continued to dominate the migration picture with hundreds of American Tree Sparrows and Slate colored Juncos leading the pack.On May 1st we were caught off guard when a major fallout of Myrtle Warblers joined the masses of sparrows. This was a record early movement with 85 being banded. This resulted in a 250 bird day. On the following day we banded another 212 birds this time White-crowned Sparrows and Fox Sparrows surged through the area. On May 8th we had a noticeable movement of Orange-crowned Warblers with 79 banded of a total  of 173 birds banded. Banding highlights included a SORA on May 3rd which puts teh Yukon Bird Observatories'  all time species total for banding at 103. An Olive-Sided Flycatcher was banded on May 5th. ACBO shattered the previous season record total for banded Tree Sparrows. There have been just over 500 ATSP banded this spring compared to the previous high of 345. Rusty Blackbird also made a good showing with 79 banded so far.

Some arrival dates for species of interest include: Wilson's Warbler (April 30 --- > record early), Swainson's Thrush (May 3 -- >ties record early date), Swamp Sparrow (May 3)

Tundra Swan migration peaked on April 30th with 1146 estimated.  Greater White-fronted Geese were not as apparent with only 233 counted on that same day. The Pileated Woodpecker has not been detected since first reported in April but the Barred Owl has been heard on most days sometimes well into the morning. 

A huge thank you goes out to Susan Drury of Watson Lake who was our much valued net runner and scribe on all but one day during the two week stretch. Thank you also goes out to Matt Clarke, Ryan Drummond and Amber Rudd of Watson Lake for putting in their time just when I needed it most. Finally, thank you to Barry Drury for lending ACBO his ice fishing hut which serves as a good banding lab/ storage area when the weather gets bad.

Birds Banded to Date (# in brackets is the season total)

Sora - 1 (1)
Solitary Sandpiper - 1 (1)
Wilson's Snipe - 0 (1)
Belted Kingfisher - 1 (1)
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker - 5 (5)
Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker - 1 (1)
Olive-sided Flycatcher - 1 (1)
Hammond's Flycatcher - 7 (7)
Say's Phoebe - 2 (2)
Boreal Chickadee - 2 (4)
Ruby-crowned Kinglet - 50 (74)
Swainson's Thrush - 8 (8)
Hermit Thrush - 12 (12)
American Robin - 13 (13)
Varied Thrush - 3 (3)
American Pipit - 1 (1)
Bohemian Waxwing - 1 (1)
Orange-crowned Warbler - 154 (154)
Myrtle Warbler - 156 (160)
Northern Waterthrush - 13 (13)
Wilson's Warbler - 4 (4)
Lapland Longspur - 1 (1)
American Tree Sparrow - 242 (507)
Savannah Sparrow - 8 (10)
Fox Sparrow - 169 (181)
Lincoln's Sparrow - 79 (84)
Swamp Sparrow - 2 (2)
Gambel's White-crowned Sparrow - 166 (169)
Slate-colored Junco - 93 (228)
Rusty Blackbird - 58 (79)
Common Redpoll - 51 (53)

Total - 1305 (1781) of 30 (31) species 

American Pipit

Belted Kingfisher

Bohemian Waxwing

Sora - Yukon Bird Observatories 103rd species banded to date !

Wilson's Warbler - record early banded on April 30

female Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker

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  1. Happy to help when I can! Always had fun learning about birds and being able to experience them up close and know you're doing something that is helping get to know these birds better is really fulfilling!