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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yukon Bird Observatories Opening Soon !

Within the next few weeks, two of the Yukon Bird Observatory field stations will be opening.  Details on the operational schedule for the stations is shown below.  Note that both stations are always open to the public and if you are interested in birds, we strongly recommended that you drop by to visit us.  We are also accepting volunteers who would like to learn how to handle/band the birds or simply help accepting visitors, recording bird observations or scribed data. 


The Albert Creek station is located at Upper Liard, approximately 15 km west of Watson Lake, YT.  To access the station, drive into the Albert Creek subdivision; this is the first turnoff on the south side of the Alaska Highway on the Whitehorse side of the Albert Creek bridge.  Once in the subdivision, continue approximately 500 m down the gravel road and follow the short dirt track down to the station.  Note that depending on weather conditions, you may be required to walk a short distance to the station.  Also, there is no turn around for large vehicles (RVs) at the end of the road.

The station will be open daily from April 24 to June 7 with the hours of operation beginning at official sunrise and continuing for 6 hours.  For more information on Albert Creek, please contact Ted Murphy-Kelly via email at or phone 335-1518.


The McIntyre Marsh station is located at km 4 of the Fish Lake Road within the City of Whitehorse.  Parking for station visitors is at the large parking lot of the Fish Lake Road and the Copper Haul Road.  From the parking lot, the station is access by a short walk (100 m) down the Copper Haul Road; take the foot trail which follows the marsh on the right hand side of the trail.

The station will be open on weekends and holidays from April 28 until the end of May with the hours of operation being 7 am to noon.  For more information on McIntyre Marsh, please email Ben Schonewille at .


The Teslin Lake station does not operate during the spring season. The fall season will begin on July 23 and extend until the end of September or later dependent on funding.

Slate-colored Junco - one of the first migratory songbirds to arrive in spring

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