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Friday, October 21, 2011

October 15th - Alaska Panhandle comes to TLBO!

The 15th was a quite unusual day at TLBO. The migration was nonexistent but instead, in a south storm, we were treated with three rare birds, all from the south end of the lake or perhaps from the Alaska Panhandle coast. First a Brown Creeper stopped for a few seconds in the tall trees at the tip, then mere 15 minutes later a Chestnut-backed Chickadee did the same for a couple of minutes, and only about an hour later a Steller's Jay spent about 10 minutes at the tip. The first and the last are both new species for the observatory, and new Yukon birds for yours truly(!), while the Chickadee is overall the rarest of the trio as this was only the 3rd record for the Territory! Also seen was the season 1st Short-eared Owl. Not to sound unsatisfied but we could've used also a Murrelet or a...

The five second Creeper

The high-pitched tsikkadee-dee

What you mean "looks like it's windy"?

Photos ©Jukka Jantunen

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